Adding Pictures

If you would like to send pictures to display on the web site I would love to have them. This page will explain the procedure for sending pictures to me and also go into detail about how you can control the placement and caption for your pictures.

Just Send Them To Me

Via email or if you would rather use postal mail (CD or DVD) email me and I will send you my address. My email address consists of my first name, the @ sign and this website address (damommio.com). Please keep my email address completely private. My name is listed at the bottom of this page.

Downsize And Email

If you have a bit of technical aptitude you can easily copy your full size pictures (Most cameras create pictures that are much larger than we need.) to a smaller version that will be much easier for you to email.

1. Create a folder on your computer. A great spot is on your Desktop. (Right mouse click on the Desktop, choose New then Folder.)

2. Download PhotoResize.zip here and unzip the file into the newly created folder. This tool (PhotoResize) is extremely flexible and easy to use go here to view the author's website.

3. Copy any pictures you want to resize into this folder. Drag and drop the newly copied pictures to the file PhotoResize1280O. You can drag multiple pictures to the file at the same time for resizing.

That's it! Your newly resized pictures are in the new folder. The naming convention is PICTURE-1280 where PICTURE is the name of your picture. If you have a picture named neal.jpg after you resize you will have a new picture named neal-1280.jpg. PhotoRezize does not change your existing photo in any way.

Your original pictures are still in the folder so make sure you do not email me both the newly resized picture (neal-1280.jpg) and your original picture (neal.jpg). You can of course zip a group of pictures before emailing them to me.

Control The Location

If you would like pictures to be in a certain order you can achieve that. Simply name them...

pic1.jpg  pic2.jpg  pic3.jpg  pic4.jpg 
pic5.jpg  pic6.jpg  pic7.jpg  pic8.jpg 
pic9.jpg  pic10.jpg  pic11.jpg  pic12.jpg 
pic13.jpg  pic14.jpg  pic15.jpg  pic16.jpg 

...and they will show in the matrix just like they do above.

Clarity Is Key

You can easily caption (Go to Joe Tinnerello’s page and click on a thumbnail to view a large picture. You will notice directly below the picture information about the picture.) pictures on the web site. Create a document (Word, Notepad or even put the text in the body of an email.) using this format.

These are the captions for Neal DaMommio’s Set 2
Caption for first picture
Caption for second picture
Caption for third picture
Caption for fourth picture
Caption for fifth picture
Caption for sixth picture
Caption for seventh picture
Caption for eighth picture
Caption for ninth picture
Caption for tenth picture
Caption for eleventh picture
Caption for twelfth picture
Caption for thirteenth picture
Caption for fourteenth picture
Caption for fifteenth picture
Caption for sixteenth picture

Of course replace "for Neal DaMommio’s Set 2" with the name and set number of the pictures you want to caption and change “Caption for the first picture” with the text of your choice. If there is a picture in the middle of the pack you do not want to caption just type “No Caption” for that line.

If all else fails email me for assistance.