French Tales

excuse the occasional misspelling.... this keyboard is in french. just wanted to say hello to all of you and let you know that i am here and safe! we are having so much fun and i cannot wait to tell yall about it when i get home. off to the museums....au revoir!!!

je t'aime

sorry again...this keyboard is in french

i am very sorry! i will now type you my journal entry from the last three days in order to console you

7/16 we are finally in paris! we arrived off the surprisingly short flight around noon: with some melatonin in our systems (from now on there are not going to be any peiods cause it is confusing on this stupid french keyboard) and our suitcases in the apt (after having to take the miniscule elevator one by one), we headed out with loren for lunch at pizza sant' antonio then we shopped at a lingerie store called chantal thomass, a store called voltaire, and salome's (this is her apt) boutique corinne saruut after shopping we joined maxime and loren for the most amazing birthday dinner two american seventeen year olds could ask for we drank champagne talked laughed and now we are about to settle in for an amazing nights sleep in an amazing city love, mia bella

i will type the rest later...jana is back with croissants and cafe au lait :)


our second day in paris and paiges seventeenth birthday!! we slept in late (due to jet lag), ate beignets et cafe au lait at a street side cafe and people watched after breakfast we visited the pompidou art museum the art was absolutely amazing, but the view was probably the most spectacular part we could see all ofparis!! we actuallly ate lunch on the sixth floor slash roof of the museum and enjoyed a sky top view of this amazing placethen we set off on a walking adventure that included bhergiot ice cream and the notre dame rhen we came bqck to the apt and alizé and her friend marion joined us for pizza and red wine down the street

love, mia bella


today may have been the best day we have had in paris....or ever we woke up early and ate more beignets au chocolat et croissants et cafe au lait: then we set off for the louvre where we spent two hours gazing at the worlds most amazing art (and getting lost) for lunch - pomme fritt et coca lite later we lunched on churros from a street fair while wandering through a secret garden tonight paige jana alizè marion quentin (pronounced cantohn) and i had the most incredible time at a underground cabaret bar!! we literally drank red wine and sang beatles songs for hours

love, mia bella

love you mamannnn