Sam DaMommio
09/18/1908 - 07/16/2003

Sam DaMommio

He was born the year Henry Ford introduced the Model T, the same year William C. Durant formed General Motors.  He was thirty one when World War II started, thirty seven when it ended, sixty five when the US disengaged from the Vietnam Conflict and fifty when his last child was born.  He had to wait thirty two years for television and sixty one years to see Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.   The young boy in this picture is now in his early thirties. At an average rate of sixty six beats per minute his heart beat three billion, two hundred and eighty two million, three hundred and one thousand, four hundred and forty times before beating for the last time at four forty five on July the Sixteenth Two Thousand and Three.

Sam DaMommio Jr.
Diana DaMommio
Mike DaMommio
Neal DaMommio
Victor DaMommio
John DaMommio